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In the town of Gátova, 45 km. of Valencia capital and in the heart of the Natural Park of the Sierra Calderona, we have a rural complex with 7 houses . The houses are located at the top of the town, from where we can see unique views of the small town, the Carraixet Valley, and the mountains belonging to the Natural Park that surround the town.

So here, you can rest in one of our houses, walk through beautiful natural landscapes, visit historic sites, practice sports in a healthy environment, enjoy a thousand starry nights and see the moon at its best.

But perhaps the most surprising thing is that being so close to a great capital, as Valencia is, we can find the calm and relaxation we need to forget the bustle of cities and their frenetic pace of life. A place where the tranquility and the wonderful song of the birds are heard wherever you go.


Alex Dillinger

Dave Willson

Barbara Santa

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